Thankful – From 2010 but Still True Today.


Right now, I am sitting in the fellowship hall at the church waiting for our elders to arrive. We will meet for 30minutes and then the deacons at our church will join us. I am alone with just the sound of heat pumps working to warm up the room.

And I am thankful.

Thankful to be a part of this church.

This is a church who’s desire is to follow Christ. They are not stuck in traditions, they do not push any personal agendas, they allow the Spirit to work freely in our services, the planning for our services, the ministries, with the outreach plans, styles of music, you name it they are willing to release anything and follow Christ.

And that is awesome.

As their pastor I really do not have anything to complain about. We have issues that we discuss, disagreements we have to work out from time to time, our giving has been low and my prayer is people will trust the Lord enough to tithe… but nothing that shows a spirit of we’ve always done it that way… But more of how does God want us to do it this time.

The church wants to take the church to it’s community and show Christ’s love anyway they can. They want to follow Christ…

And that is a blessing.

So even though I am sitting here waiting for the leaders of the church to arrive… I wait with anticipation for the arrival of fellow team members who want to get the job done for Christ.

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