Do you Mean it?

Lead me not into temptation.

What if we really meant that “line” when we prayed the Lord’s prayer?

Better yet, what if we prayed just “that line” while we were being tempted?

Lord, she has ticked me off. I want to get even. The rage wants to be released. So I am asking you to lead me away from that temptation.

Lord I really want to look at that, I am being honest with you right now. Please lead me another way…. show me what You want me to see.

Lord I really want to drink some more of that. I am not going to lie to you, it makes me feel good, it helps me escape for a while… but others can’t escape from me. So, I am asking you to lead me out of this temptation.

Lord, I want to hear more about what “she” has done. It is such good and shocking information. I feel myself falling into the temptation of listening to more than I should. Lead me away from that. Help me listen to Your voice instead.


What would happen if we stopped and prayed this way and meant it?


We would not fall into temptation,

and we would be delivered.

What are you being tempted with right now?

Tell God about it and follow Him away from it.

You will be gald you did.

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