It is amazing how elaborate excuses can become.

They twist, they turn, they cover every area, every hole, every crack that could possibility connect someone to self responsibility.

We are good at this… after all we have been taught…

Its our culture’s fault, our family’s fault, our school system’s fault, our mother’s fault, our daddy’s fault… etc…

For some excuses to cover up “personal bad behaviors” is second nature.

And that is sad


because we know how to fix our problems, and the fixes are simple and less stressful than coming up with elaborate excuses.

Just take Diet and Money – most of us  have an elaborate list of excuses for why we can’t eat better or get out of debt.  When the solution is easy – watch what you eat (I’m not talking about weight loss here Im talking about a good balanced diet) and don’t spend more than you bring in.

Some use their personality as grounds for excuses – well I was born that way, my dad had anger issues and so do I – after all I didn’t choose to be born this way, did not choose to be born in horrible circumstances and I didn’t choose to have a father with anger issues, it just happens to be my lot in life.  Now it defines me.

Tell that to Ruth, Orpah, and Naomi…


3 characters in the book of Ruth who were dealt bad hands in life. Famine, the death of their spouses, and Naomi lost her Children, all of them. In fact it was so bad that Naomi thought the hand of God was against her. They all wound up without money, low on the social scale and scrimping for food.  They could have chosen to let the negative circumstances take them over and could have used them as excuses for wrong behavior.

But they didn’t.

Each took time to consider solutions to their predicament and made choices that brought them to better circumstances.  Founded on belief in Jehovah God they made choices that moved them into a better position in life and did not allow the circumstances they could not control dictate who they would become.

I think there is a lesson in here for us…

and wish I had time to write a bit more about it.

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