It’s not of this world.

It comes from somewhere else

It’s hard to describe what exactly it is

Even though you have never seen it

you know it’s there

you have felt it’s power

you have felt it’s difference

you have seen the difference it has made in your life

John calls it a seed (1 John 3:9)

It was planted inside of you when you began your relationship with Jesus

It is the reason you do not practice sin any longer

Not that you don’t fall into sin from time to time

It’s just now… you don’t plan to sin anymore…

schedule time for it…

you do not habitually plan to participate in sin…

Because this seed, God planted in you, keeps reminding you of the ways of righteousness. It keeps telling you… not to… this isn’t you any more… there is a new thing taking over your being…

a better thing

Something you can’t stop

It’s a seed thats growing inside of you that’s stronger than sin and its powerful grasp.

Yes… sin can’t stop it either…

or take it away from you…

for it’s roots are in the Resurrected Christ.

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