The Way You Live


Is He real?

Is He a fake?

Is there really something to His death?

Does His blood really cleans people from their sins?

Does accepting Him as Savior really change someone’s life?

If someone around you began to ask these questions would the way you live your life point them to the fact that Jesus is real?

If someone looked at your life would they see that Jesus is making a difference in you?

Would they say, “there must be something to accepting Jesus as Savior”?

The way we live our lives matters…

The way you live your life may be the deciding factor concerning where someone else will live for eternity.

Where does your life point people?

One thought on “The Way You Live

  1. So true Pastor Phillip!! Schon and I’s Pastor in Coumbus MS(a transplant to the deep south via New York and Puerto Rico} used to say from the pulpit on points like this: “one can either say AMEN, oh me, oh my… then he would close with “church sometimes we are the only living epistle others will see” and “does the peace/calm in midst of the storm in your life lead them to Jesus or cause them to say “why do I need this Jesus if so and so doesn’t appear to be any different than me”?

    I believe other than having to learn to like “grits” he had to learn as his beautiful wife testifies “when to speak, when to be quiet, when to step back, when to step out, when to correct,when to pray when to hug, when to counsel, when to just be a friend another needs to vent to,…when to listen, when to step in the pulpit and preach, when to allow God to be God and just praise HIM!!…. no wonder God moved him to B-ham Alabama to meet his southern belle wife in the early 70’s!!

    Great 2nd generation man of God who shares the same birthday as Cameron. Wow, he just turned 64 and his 36 year old son is now the Senior Pastor of the church he lead for 25 years.
    As a PK kid of the 60’s David Wilkerson {founder of Teen Challenge and friend of his Pastor Dad) rescued him from the streets…. his testimony of a “praying Mama” is very powerful which is why he could always say from the depth of his heart “except for the grace of God there go I”.

    He married Schon and I, baby dedicated both Cameron and Tally and then January 4, 2009 he had the honor of baptizing both Cameron and Tally. We are excited to go home for a visit(family reunion my Great Uncle is turning 103) and be able to hear his son preach.

    Enjoy your vacation, time away and wonderful family memories created while at the beach Pastor Phillip….. and maybe in 27 years we will all have the privilege of hearing Quinn speak!! God is so good and HIS LOVE is simply Amazing!!
    We love you and your family-
    Grace and Peace-Cynthia for each of the Dukes

    PS Cameron got his license yesterday and we celebrated at Newk’s!! would we go anywhere else?

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