Emotions Aren’t Thoughts

Emotions are not thoughts…

They may color what you are thinking

They may push you to think a certain way

They may guide your reactions

but they are not thoughts.

Today, I received an email that sparked within me the emotions of frustration and irritation. So immediately I typed a response email that was filled with thoughts that were guided by my emotional state. Then I read back through what I had typed and had an “Auguste Rodin” moment

and pushing my emotions into a corner for a moment I thought

Is this worth it?

Is this something I should just let go of?

Was all this venting on the electronic  page just the result of my emotional state?

What good will come of sending this email?  Do I really think it will  solve the issue?

Do I really think there is an issue?

If so is there a better way to handle it than with my emotions circling the wagon?

Is this really written because I have a feeling of power, of achievement of saving the day, righting the world’s wrongs merely by typing on an electronic page?

That’s crazy – Emails saving the world – what kind of a person would really believe an email would solve a problem?

An emotional person – one that had allowed their feelings to guide their thoughts. One that really thinks their email response is going to solve the issue. (a non thought proposition )

“But my emotions lets me feel the situation” you say.

OK –

but remember

while your emotions are freely galloping through the wide open field filled with the flowers of your issue…

emotions still are not thoughts and can sure create some bad reactions…

if we let them.

Here’s a thought…


What if the next time you feel yourself getting out of sorts with something you took a “bit of time” (if you will) to push your emotions aside on the issue…

and think

and think

and think until you get to the place your thoughts are guiding your emotions

I guarantee it will change the way you look at things.

2 thoughts on “Emotions Aren’t Thoughts

  1. Was looking at your blog after a recent email correspondence with you… just had to say what gifted “thinker” and writer you are brother! This post was a blessing to me; filled with biblical wisdom. Thanks for sharing. I praise the Lord for His gifts to you!

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