My family will go on vacation this summer…. just like everyone else’s family. We have the date set and the plans in motion. We are excited about it but our bags are not packed, sunscreen is not bought, nor is the food we will eat.

We are not ready to go.

We plan to go.

But we are not ready to go.

It would be kind of “dumb” for us to have our bags packed right now with the trip being a few months away. We know the date, we know the hour and we will act accordingly. It would be very hard to be ready to go this far in advance… even for me.

I think it is harder to be ready for Christ return. No one knows the date or the hour(that was proven on May 21st @ 6pm) and it seems like its later rather than sooner. It is hard to think, this maybe the day, when your kids are taking EOGs, when there is work to do at work and home and when life is still rolling on.

It is hard to remain ready for something day, after day, after day, after day. When an event continually doesn’t occur it dampers expectancy. Kind of like the kid that keeps asking to go fishing and the parents keep promising but it never happens. Before to long the kid quits asking, he quits being ready.

But Jesus says, stay dressed and ready to go. Keep your lamps burning so when Jesus does come you are ready to open the door when He knocks.

I can’t say I am always ready. Don’t get me wrong I want the Lord to return, I am looking forward to that. But I am not always ready for it.

Its hard to keep your bags packed when you are not sure when it is going to happen….

the funny thing is…

that is the very reason we should be ready.

My desire is to be awake and ready to go “with my lamp burning” (Luke 12:35-41)

Lord help me to live that way today.

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