Bridge-Out 4


He didn’t want to stop

But he had to

The man had been waving to him for days…

every-time he passed by.

What did he want, why was he waving, and what made him so compelling ?

Bob was now close to Cyprus Road, and he could see the guy. So he slowed down, pulled over and rolled down his window.

“Hey” – Bob said – “do you need a lift?” ( did I really just ask him that?)

“Sure!” the man said and he walked to the other side of the car and got in.

As they pulled back onto the road Bob happened to look at the Bridge-Out sign…

It was now clearly visible.

“Wow! Someone cleaned the stuff off that road sign”

Yes, that was me. Only certain people are able to see what it says. But I didn’t clean it , I have just given you a way to see it, so you can understand what it is saying.

Puzzled… Bob said..” oh”

“You don’t have to fully understand right now” he said with a smile “but if you let me stay around for a while and ride with you to work each day, I think I can explain it all to you.”

“Sure, I would like to know.”

Day after day the man would explain things like…

where the road they were traveling on came from, when it was created, when Bob started using it each day, who built the other road and the evil behind it.

He explained how he had saved countless people from falling into the ravine. How his hands were scared and the awful event that caused them

Bob had a hard time understanding everything that was said, and sometimes he thought the man was giving himself to much credit. But for some reason that really didn’t matter to him and as days turned into years he found himself believing what the guy was telling him. In fact the guy had offered countless times to drive Bob’s car and said he was more than willing to take him to a special place if Bob would just let him drive.

After days and days of saying no to him he finally decided to let the guy drive and after throwing the keys to him and Bob settled into the passenger side of the car.

He had spent so much time with this man that he found himself in a position where he fully trusted him.

And so the journey began, and Bob was comfortable, until…

The man turned onto Cyprus Road.

“wait a minute! We can’t go down this road!”

“Bob trust me… It will be fine.”

“But the bridge… It’s out…”

“Bob trust me you will be just fine, I have taken care of you, don’t you remember our talks”

“Stop this vehicle… I made a promise I would never take this road again!”

“Bob, everyone has to take this road sometime in their life… But who you are with when you take it makes all the difference in the world.”

Soon they were at the bottom of the incline…

Bob was shaking.

Closer and closer they came to the top of the hill…

Bob’s eyes were closed…he couldn’t look, he couldn’t watch,

he was paralyzed

He felt it when they reached the top

Then he felt the drop…

No… No!

Wait a minute!

He didn’t feel a drop at all.

No wooziness At all in his stomach…

In fact they had leveled out… And the car was driving down a road that creaked as they moved on it.

Bob opened his eyes

He was on a bridge… A wooden bridge

He looked out the rear window of the car… He could still see cars coming over the top of the hill and falling into the ravine… falling through the very bridge he was on.

But then there would be an occasional car that would not fall but would drive on the bridge just like they were doing.

Bob looked at the man questionably

“Yes Bob, I’m in every car that travels on this bridge.”

Then it all made sense to Bob…

And he was satisfied.

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