Life is empty. So empty it feels like death.

The world offers this.

The world offers that.

This gadget will do this.

This drink will make you feel that.

In the end “it” all comes up so…


There is a surface joy that comes when you redo your kitchen, you buy a new car, you move into a new house, you get the promotion, when you receive something, something from this life.

but soon it fades

Fades as quick as the joy came..


like vapor from a mouth on a cold morn.

Its all vanity. (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

This is what things under the sun will offer… surface fleeting joy.



But over the sun… there is something else.

Over the sun is the God who created it all. The God who desires a relationship with you. A relationship that opens the door for deep Joy to enter, giving you a new heart, a new soul, and a new life. A place where God enjoys you and you enjoy God.

A joy that can’t be found in the things under the sun.

True lasting enjoyment comes from being enchanted with the God who created us. Its when everything under the sun becomes… vanity.

True joy comes after we quit expecting earthly things to bring us satisfaction and we focus on living for God rather than ourselves.

If you are empty… and satisfaction has left your soul, it is not because there is no God or that He has left you. Its your focus is off…

and it is time to focus back on Him, and your relationship with Him.


Pray until the things under the sun fade to vanity and your fellowship with God (who made the sun) is back to being what it should be.

Because to not be empty…. we first have to see the emptiness of life without Him, and become disillusioned with all the world has to offer.

For it is at this moment of disillusionment we find, true life, satisfaction and joy are only found in Him.

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