Gloom Despair…

It all started on Saturday.

The gloom and despair.

Upon beginning a game of basketball with my children I did something to my ankle…

something that didn’t feel too good.

Then on Sunday I realized (or sometime around then) that my drivers license had expired

This morning on my way out the door to the DMV, we found a growing puddle of water in front of our dish washer… 30 minutes later and an unfixed dishwasher, I walked out the door with my wife to go to the DMV.

At the DMV I received my number…


two hours later they called A133, it is at this point I told my wife…

“watch, there will be no less than five E or C numbers before they get to my A number”

I should have been a prophet.


back at home, in my garage, as my wife was leaving the drive way, I tried to start my car…

nope… wouldn’t start

it seems a car needs gas to run.

So I put my “grass mowing” gas into the tank and made it to the gas station and then to lunch.

After lunch my car acted like it did not want to start…

but it finally did and I made it back home.

About an hour or so later I went to pick up my son from school.  On our way back home my car stopped running…

Being stupid I pushed the automatic “stick” from the Drive position into the Park position… there was a lot of noise but the car stopped.

Problem – We’re in the middle of the road…

with cars coming up behind us

so my hands and arms began to wave like crazy…

Yes I was whipping my arms… not my hair


Several accidents were avoided as a result

Finally the car started back up and I made it home.

So I called Derrick, my mechanic friend and he said he wanted to look at it


I got back into my car, started it up and found out…

Reverse no longer worked

So… “mr. smart guy” (that’s me) decided to push it out of the garage and turn it around in my drive way….

Have you seen my drive way?

Did I mention I have a hurt ankle?

I did get it turned around but then the car began moving forward… It seems my position plus the earth’s gravitational pull, placed me in a position where the car could run me over.

with all my strength I held the car in place and did what any male would do…

I yelled.


and she came, and pressed the break just in time.

She’s my hero!

I then jumped into my car and went to see Derrick, in my “progressive only” vehicle…

seems I will need a transmission, and maybe a few other things that may be related to my car’s engine…

you know things that will help it…


So gloom and despair…

and thankfulness

Because I have a God that will never leave me nor forsake me.

I thank Him for not only giving me the strength to handle this stuff today… but for His protection as well.

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