Empty Promises


That’s the result of living life apart from Jesus

You can say all you want…

“that you do not need Jesus”

“you have a problem with Jesus”

“you do not agree with Christianity”

and that

“you are going to live you life the way you want to”

You can even get to the point where you say…

“I’m doing fine without Jesus”

But you and I both know you are faking yourself out, for inside you feel…


and are too “tough and right” to admit it

Now, for others…


is the result of going on your own in the Christian life

You’ve tried to stop this sin,and can’t seem to get “unstuck” from that one. You’re doing the 7 quick steps to stop and get unstuck, but at the end of the day you find yourself in the same condition. Why? Because the 7 quick steps really just amount to “rearranging the furniture” in your life.

The 7 quick steps did not bring about heart change. So your environment remained the same… (other than the “new look”… because of the new placement of things.)

And the promises the 7 steps boasted of, wind up being…


so we look for something more tangible, something we can hold onto to rid ourselves of feeling


Things like…

more money

if we only had that job

if we could only accomplish that one thing

if we could only get to know that person

if I could get my hair just right…

and we think…

“maybe then I would be worth something”

So, we go after these things, believing that they will give us satisfaction and bring us significance…


we grab a hold of them

and for a while we experience a great “rush” and we feel so good

but as time goes on we wind up feeling…


Then it seems we can’t let go of “said items”. We long for that rush we had when it all begin and struggle to reclaim the temporary stability we found.


we never get there and we wind up


So what do we do about this?

My friend Pete Wilson’s new book “Empty Promises” deals with these issues and shows us how to focus on Christ and find our significance and worth in Him alone. His book “Plan B” was a great read and I am sure this one will be just as good if not better.

(You can purchase a copy of His book by clicking here.)

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