Mystery Solved!

You know those drivers that drive 10 to 15 under the speed limit?

Or 10 to 15 under the speed you really want to be driving?

Today I was behind one of “those people” going 35-mph in a 50-mph Zone and then it happened…

I drove of the road and had to pull my car back onto the road swerving a little bit until I got the car back where it should be…

we’ve all be there right?

Then… all of a sudden the “slow car” that was in front of me sped up…

so much so I couldn’t “catch them”

So what am I trying to say?

Well, the next time you are behind someone that is going slower than the speed limit…

Don’t ride their bumper

Don’t blow your horn

Just swerve a little bit and…

problem solved!

(Disclaimer – any unfortunate events that may occur as a direct result of following this advice, such as reckless driving tickets, being pulled and thrown in jail, the loss of driving privileges (not excluding anything in-between) or any harmful results – including any type of car crash, is the sole responsibility of the driver of the car that choose to follow this advice and can not be blamed on this blog post or on the writer of it “there with too.”)

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