Thoughts on Ezekiel

Just finished reading Ezekiel, it is an interesting read, to say the least…

Filled with things that make you go…


but all beneficial.

It gives the reader some insight into the heart and mind of God. Here Are a few things God wants us to know about Him from this book.

1. He will go to great lengths to make sure His name is known and that the human race knows He is the one true God. He will both bless and wipeout cities, use nations to punish other nations and then turn around and punish the ones He used to punish others, in-order for mankind not to forget who their maker is.

This is pretty incredible

2. The book begins with judgement on Israel and the nations surrounding her and ends with hope…

a new temple

a rebuilt city

Jews returning “home”

This is important, for the people “in” Lamentations needed to know their tough time would not last.

They needed to know it was not the end

They needed to know God wasn’t through with them yet

I don’t know about you but I also need to know that from time to time

3. God takes Holiness seriously and He wants His people to obey Him and follow His ways.

Why is He like this?

Because He wants what is best for the Human race and there is no one more qualified than our Creator to determine that.

Not even ourselves.

Born out of a love for His creation, His love for you and I creates a desire within Him for us to live a life that is better than the one offered by the world we are born into.

He is a great God.

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