Do I Say It?

Micah 2:6, describes poetically, prophetically, psychologically what all preachers grapple with from time to time… Do I say it? Here in this passage Micah is condemning the preachers who have chosen not to say it and have begun to say what will be accepted by their hearers. The scary thing is I know how they […]

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I think sometimes in life we work too hard. Not with work Not mowing the yard Not when we house clean but when we try to ¬†get people to like us The fact is some people are just going to think of you a certain way and will never change their view of you or […]

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Thoughts on Ezekiel

Just finished reading Ezekiel, it is an interesting read, to say the least… Filled with things that make you go… hummm? but all beneficial. It gives the reader some insight into the heart and mind of God. Here Are a few things God wants us to know about Him from this book. 1. He will […]

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