Do you know My Name?

Do you know My name?

You should

For I have been trying to get your attention…

I want you to know it

I have leveled countries and have blessed others so that you would

I’ve had it proclaimed, by prophets, preachers and people

I’ve let you experience it, in your search for meaning, and in your desire to define right and wrong

You have struggled with it in the hard times, and lived in its power in the good

You have heard it used correctly…

and incorrectly

You’ve heard it denied

but it never went away…

it never fails

Some try to wipe it off the face of the earth

the earth I created

but I can’t let that happen because I want you to know it

Do you know My Name?

If not

I will continue to go to great lengths for you to know it

even if it has to be

at the end of time

But know this

if you wait that long

it will be too late…

Please don’t do that



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