Yesterday, in a totally unexpected way I relived some past experiences in my life.

It had been a while.

I relived events from 14 years ago to the present.

And it was good.

It showed me clearly how God has used events in my life, fortunate and unfortunate, to bring me to the place I am at in ministry today.

Looking back it is clear that…

During the times when things got messy… God was with me


During times when things were “clean”… God was with me.


He wasn’t just with me.  He was molding those seasons in my life to bring me to this place, on this day, to do what He called me to do.


I don’t know what you are going through, whether today has been bad or good.  But what I do know is…

if you are His child

God is there with you


He is not just a spectator watching your circumstance…

He is molding it to take you to where you belong.

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