The Top 5 Books to Read in The Bible


Even though we would say that all the books in the Bible are equally inspired of God and of equal importance. I would say that there are a few that are just good to read more often than others.

So here are the top 5 books in the Bible to read at least once a year….

and of course this is just my opinion…

as if you didn’t already know that.

5. Luke – if you want to get a good grasp on Jesus His life and the Gospel message this is the book to read. In fact this is the one I encourage new believers to read first.

4. Proverbs – packed with wisdom from start to finish, this is a great one to keep “under your belt”. For the past 2 years our church has read through this book a chapter a day through the month of January. With blog posts for each day it has served as a great way to start the year.

3. Genesis – this is where it all began, the world, the human race and the Jewish nation. All wrapped up in the beginnings of the redemption plan, this book serves as the back drop for the rest of the Bible.

2. Exodus – Why? Because almost every book in the Bible refers to Israel’s Exodus from Egypt. A story that has profound redemption implications.

1. 1 John – A simple read, about loving God and loving others.

And of course there is a bonus, because we can’t end this post without mentioning the Psalms. They show us how to praise the Lord in good times and in bad.

So if you are wondering what to read for the first time or which book to read next…. just start with number 5 on this list and work your way through these, pausing from time to time to read a Psalm or two along the way.

2 thoughts on “The Top 5 Books to Read in The Bible

  1. Thanks for asking us to read the book of Luke this month. Re-reading Luke has been a blessing and encouragemen. Jesus is a wonderful Savior.

    The picture of the scribe you posted with this blog amazes me–can you imagine writing in that stooped position all day long? I have a new appreciation for those men.

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