The Cutting Board for – Captivated 2

Here is a portion I cut from the sermon from today… It was an important part but just didn’t fit into the flow of things in the end… thus it was left on the cutting room floor.

How do we become captivated by God’s word?

Pray that God will enlarge your heart 119:32 – (I do not want to put the responsibility on God but this is a prayer we have the responsibility to pray)

Pray that God will give you life  119:88 – During times you can’t see straight – and your strength is Gone reach out to God and ask for life so you can stay faithful to his word…. Captivation will move you to do that

Pray – cry out to God in your hard time, be captivated by him even when it doesn’t seem like he is there 119:145 – choose to be captivated by him to the point it even moves you to find him when times are dark – and the captivation causes you to be dedicated to His words even when they do not seem like they are working

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