Top 10 Steve Curtis Chapman Songs

As you know from the post last week “The Top 5 Steven Curtis Chapman Albums” SCC is celebrating his 25th year in the Christian Music Industry. Joining us in our celebration is a good friend of mine Paula Ebert (who has a blog called “Grow where you’re planted.”) who has written on her blog today about a SCC song that means a lot to her… so go check it out @

So  again today I say congratulations to SCC and join him in celebrating his 25th year by making this list of what I think are his top 10 songs of all time.

And here they are….

Number 10 – For who He really is. – off of the “Real Life Conversations” album.  This is song haunted me for a long time until I submitted to its message.

Number 9 – Something Crazy – off of the “This Moment” album. This one is a fun song to sing and my kids love it.  The message is simple – if you live like Christ people will think you are crazy.

Number 8 -See the Glory – off the “Declaration” album – I love the way he encourages us to focus on God and His glory and not get side tracked on the small stuff that is meaningless.  (BTW – He incorporates  “game boy” sounds in the chorus of this one… go Mario!)

Number 7 – A Long Way Home – off of the Re:Creation album – it is a song that just puts you in a good mood every time you hear it and reminds us that God gives us strength for our journey.

Number 6 – Lord of the Dance – off of The Signs of Life album – I love the way this whole song sounds and the guitar “licks” are just amazing. It is a reminder that Jesus is Lord and in charge, even when we feel like our life is spinning  out of control.

Number 5 – Where We Belong – off of The Great Adventure album – I’m not sure why… but I love this song and find myself singing it quite often.

Number 4 – The Change – off of the Speechless album. Here’s the chorus “What about the change, what about the difference, what about Grace, what about forgiveness, what about a life thats showing, I’m undergoing the change?”  – enough said.

Number 3. SEE – from the Beauty Will Rise album – I want someone to sing this at my funeral.  It is truly an awesome song.

Number 2. The Walk – from the Signs of Life album – (As I have said before) My favorite version of this is found on the “Abby Road Sessions” EP. (Also –  I wish I my Grandpa had been named Rudd, so I could sing this one in church.)

And at…

Number 1….

More to this Life – from the More to this Life  album – My favorite version of this song can’t be bought.  It was sung by David Crowder a few years ago at the Dove Awards as part of a tribute to SCC and he did an amazing job with it.

So there are mine… what are yours?

Also be sure to check out what Paula wrote @

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Steve Curtis Chapman Songs

  1. Wow.. there are some songs here that I have never heard! I also love The Change and More To This Life. One you don’t have listed that I love is The Mountain. Thanks for asking me to join up with this! AWESOME idea! 🙂

  2. What About the Change is my favorite, along with Bring It On (Declaration album) that reminds me that trials and troubles bring growth.

  3. My favourite is More To This life, has such a deep meaning, something SCC never fails to put in his songs! Another one of favourites is Magnificent Obsession off the “Declaration” album, awesome song!

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