Re:Creation Unfolding

I am a long time fan of Steven Curtis Chapman.  I love his music and it might be because he was one of the first “upbeat” Christian artist I heard when I was in college.  His last two albums Re-Creation and The Glorious Unfolding were good but I have made a Playlist combining the best […]

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The Change #4

This year as you know is Steven Curtis Chapman’s 25th anniversary of being in ministry. We have Joined him a few times in that celebration with post like “The Top 5 SCC Albums” and The Top 10 SCC Songs. Today I wanted to post a video of one of the Songs from my Top 10 […]

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Top 10 Steve Curtis Chapman Songs

As you know from the post last week “The Top 5 Steven Curtis Chapman Albums” SCC is celebrating his 25th year in the Christian Music Industry. Joining us in our celebration is a good friend of mine Paula Ebert (who has a blog called “Grow where you’re planted.”) who has written on her blog today about […]

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Top 5 Steven Curtis Chapman Albums

This year marks Steven Curtis Chapman’s 25th anniversary of being in the music ministry. With an incredible career behind him and endless possibilities ahead we give a shout out of congratulations and look forward to seeing what God will do through him in the future. That said, and being a fan of his music, I […]

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A Bonus for Day 13

We are taught that spanking a child is a non-caring thing to do. Some would even say that there should be laws against it. They see spanking as bad. They would say a parent that spanks their child does not really love them and is taking advantage of someone who cannot fight back. (If love […]

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