is all you have

Yesterday is gone,

tomorrow may not come

but today

this moment

right now

is what you have

Today is your chance to

take steps to mend that broken relationship

to repent and come back to God

to spend time with your spouse

to take time with your children

to call those that you love.

Today is the day

for yesterday is gone and you might not have tomorrow

Today is your chance…

to apologize

to do the thing that you know you should do, that has been impressed upon you to do…

…many times.

Today is your opportunity…

to turn your marriage around

to pray

to seek God and move according to His will.

to take that step you have been wanting to take, that you have been putting off, that you have resisted

Today is a gift

and if tomorrow doesn’t come

and you put off the things you know you should be doing

the gift of today will be wasted.

Urgent… urgent… URGENT!

Today is all you have…

yesterday is gone, tomorrow might not be…

so move through today…

with urgency.

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