My stomach hurts.

Doesn’t feel well.

Its churning.

And maybe that is TMI for you.

but here’s the deal…

it is hurting because I made a few stupid choices this evening.

You see I choose to eat Sweet Tarts, not just any Sweet Tarts, they were “Easter, Sweet Tarts”

You know the “Ducks, Rabbits, and Chicks” Sweet Tarts that come out this time of year… for Easter.

I knew I needed to stop eating them early on but I just couldn’t…

so I kept on and on and on…

Then we had grilled pork chops and rice for dinner…

and then… I had a few more Sweet Tarts…

and now?

I’m regretting it

and my stomach is upset at me.

They were just soooo good that the time…

but now I wish I hadn’t.

So this got me thinking…

about choices

There are always good choices you can make, that are constructive, and that improve upon your life. These are often hard to make but are the best ones to stick to….

and then there are bad choices…

that feel like the thing to do at the time, but are always destructive, that destroy your quality of life and maybe someone else’s. These are easy to make…

but always lead to stomach ache after stomach ache.

so… take just a moment, to look back over your past few days…

Have your choices been beneficial?

or more like a stomach virus?

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