Day 29 – Proverbs 29

The post today is written by one of my best friends Josh Hill. Currently he is on staff at Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons. He recently graduated with his Masters degree from South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“I take-2 steps forward, I take-2 steps back. We come together cuz opposites attract.
And you know-it ain’t fiction, just a natural fact. We come together cuz opposites attract.”
For many of you these words have taken you back to a time when cassette tapes ruled the musical market, mullets and parachute pants were accepted as “hip” fashion styles and the Joe Montana led San Francisco 49ers were a perennial powerhouse in the NFL.

Paula Abdul released her #1 hit Opposites Attract in 1989, giving a picture of love, which many couples have found to be very true.

On this the 29th day of the challenge, however, we find the writer of our selected Proverb coming to a conclusion that stands in direct objection to Paula’s claims.
In the last verse of Proverbs 29 we find these words…

“An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, but one whose way is straight is an abomination to the wicked.”

The writer here gives a picture of disgust for evil from one who is righteous, and a disgust for righteousness from one who is evil. Therefore, this text establishes a tense and adverse relationship between the practice of righteousness and the practice of evil.

For followers of Christ this means that there will always be opposition when our lives reflect our Master. As we face this opposition we do so in the power of the Holy Spirit and with the wisdom gained from our relationship with Christ and the revelation of His Word to us. On day 29, we find characteristics of wisdom to be justice, knowing the rights of the poor, able to turn away wrath, right discipline, having vision, obedience to God’s Word and trusting in the Lord among others. And although these characteristics in Proverbs 29 are arguably laid out for a King to rule in a righteous manner, they still hold strong as characteristics that you and I are to possess as active Disciples of Christ.

So the question of the day… is your life lived out, one that is going to face opposition and disgust from evil and when it does are you ready to handle it with the wisdom that God alone gives?

What did you see from the passage today?

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