Day 26 – Proverbs 26

You may or may not know that…

If there is a fire, that means there must be wood or something else that is being used as fuel for that fire.

If there is a fire in a certain place…

let’s say a “fireplace”…

wood is being consumed, and to keep the fire going you must add more wood.

You also may or may not know that…

If there is a fire in your fireplace and you want it to go out, you must quit adding wood to the flame.

Now aren’t you glad you read this post today?


Here is something else…

a bonus if you will.

If there is a quarrel that means there must be whispers that are being used as fuel for that quarrel. (26:10)


To keep the quarrel going you must keep on whispering…


To end the quarrel you have to put a stop to the whissspersss.

What whissperssss?


Its when that person says…

Hey… come here I need to tell you something…

come a little closer, I don’t want anyone else to hear what I am about to tell you…

and please keep it between you and me.

Then you listen.

Guess what?

You have just enabled the quarrel to burn bit longer.

It’s when you pull someone else aside and tell them information that lights within them a passion for justice against someone else and their view point concerning that person changes.

Guess what…

You just allowed the quarrel to burn a bit longer.

Do you know what would happen if you and I did not pass on whispers or receive them in our ears?

The quarreling would cease… hearts would no longer burn.

So, you know those things you keep telling your mother about your spouse?

Stop whispering… even if she is nosey… you are just keeping the quarrel going.

You know the stuff you are telling your co-workers about someone you work with?

Stop whispering… you are just keeping the quarrel going.

You know that stuff that you keep saying about “the church you left”.

Stop whispering… you are just keeping the quarrel going.

This is what the writer of Proverbs wanted us to remember when he wrote:

“For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer quarreling ceases.” (26:20)

Let’s stop adding wood to each other’s fires… its causing our relationships to grow cold.

What did you see from the passage today?

One thought on “Day 26 – Proverbs 26

  1. Phillip-this so goes along with something Schon and I have been discussing a lot in the last year or so….we call it being a part of Gods enlistment to bring about change in someones atmosphere. If we do not take anothers bone of offense and spread it….as you say the fire for that one offense will go out. We have learned that Satans greatest bait in the church or home is that of offense….it keeps everything divided rather than united…..those whispers put cracks in ones wall rather than shoring up the foundation, it gives ammunition to the enemies camp. So if we stand guard over the door of our mouth (our tongues) and watch diligently what we think, speak, say to others….we enlist with Gods 2/3 angel army to bring about change in our own environment/atmosphere and those plans HE has planned for us can come into fruition…be birthed in the natural realm of life! i want to be found speaking Gods word which breathes LIFE into any given situation! Thank you Phillip thats what I saw today.

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