Cutting Board – Day 27

Today I really wanted to write about the last few verses of Proverbs 27. But I had trouble putting my thoughts in a readable form.

So I cut the idea and went with 27:1, which I think is a verse that is often misunderstood. (see – Day 27 – Proverbs 27)


Flocks – Herds – and – Goats are still on my mind.

The Goats are what stands out to me…

These verses address some key principles of stewardship and they are not about pastoring. They address everyday life stewardship, priority issues, and are intriguing to me.

OH well, maybe another time or maybe a future message…

who knows?

2 thoughts on “Cutting Board – Day 27

  1. I opened this post just as it was coming on line, and have been pondering over it and reading cross references for the past hour. Finally decided that verse one and the last verses are tied together. I came back online to discover you have made another post, and I am so happy that my reflections on verse one are in line with your thoughts.

    I think the flocks, herds and goats have a connection to verse one. As we pay attention to the details of our daily life, our diligence rewards us with provision for our needs, but God’s providence and provision are essential in the outcome. Whether future plans or daily details, God is always in charge and we are wise if we remember that.

    Didn’t have to work today so I had time to do all this meditating. I have enjoyed it. Thanks Pastor Phillip for setting it in motion.

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