Middle School Eve


So here we are, and our kids are bed on Middle School Eve.

Tonight, in the car on the way home from church my daughter says… Well tonight’s my last night as a Fifth Grader…

And so it is…

By tomorrow…. Was

So I sit here, with my iPad, in bed… the kids are asleep while I am thinking about the past, concerned about the future, wishing life was a bit slower on…

Middle School Eve

Twas the night before Middle School when all through the house, not a child was stirring and we don’t have a mouse.

The book bags were hung on the door knobs with care, knowing that 6am will come quickly for our pair.

I in my PJs, and Nic in hers too… Thinking of the times when our daughter was two.

11 years have past with a flash, and the time we have spent with her worth more than any amount of cash.

This us getting sappy so I must stop here,
But I end it wishing… We could have just one more year.

Goodnight to all who are in our same boat…

And we will end on that little note.

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