Quality is not a word that is often achieved but is a word that is always desired.

Quality is a word that the person getting the product, viewing the show, participating in worship, listening to the lesson or listening to the sermon always wants. Whether they say it, think it or not. They want something that isn’t a waist of time.

Waisting time hinders quality.

It prevents us from doing the best we can.

Other hinderances are…



Distracted by things that are not important. (but we act like they are)

The attitude of “its good enough”

The attitude of “no one will really care”

The attitude of “just not wanting to work on it any more”.

Laziness… not willing to jump in and work.

These hinderances hinder our effectiveness…

and when it comes to ministry, not giving our best has eternal consequences.

You and I are made to serve… with Quality.

“God has equipped us all to be a “10” in some are of ministry” – Rick Warren

I do may or may not know where you go to church… there are a lot of readers that visit this blog…

but this is what I know about you….

God has equipped you in a special way and has given you the power to minister with Quality.

So go….


and always do the best you can for Him.

The results will be out of this world.

One thought on “Quality

  1. This post came from this quote I read this morning…

    Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. – Steve Jobs

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