I get it, I do.

Why people do not like change…

shoot… I’m not to fond of it either… unless it is going to solve a problem but changes that happen because of life…

well, I could really do without them…

or could I?

With the moving of my daughter to middle school there is a part of me that wishes things wouldn’t change…

that we could just remain the same…

but this would not be good, my kids would never grow up, and after a while that would get very old…

this is one reason I do not have a dog.

I can see why humans have a strong desire to keep things the same. They desperately look for things in life they can control and keep consistent. The idea is : “if we could find a way to keep things the same it would bring us stability.

After all…

we want to live life with things we know and are familiar with.

The desire for sameness causes one to start a mission to preserve.

A preservation mission, and once something is found that they can completely control and preserve…

it dies.

The preservation chokes the life out of it.

The fact is, to change is to live.

Change is a part of life, change means there is life happening, moving, and progressing. It means we are growing.

But change is hard… I get that.

But change is needed, its a part of the scope of things.

Some changes are good and some changes are bad but all…

are a part of life

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