Cry Wolf!

When you get the inclination to slam, and bash people close to you (or other wise)… its a moment to cry “wolf!”.

In the conversation where someone else’s character is being smeared… even if the situation is true… its a moment to cry “wolf!”

Jesus says that wolves come into our lives looking like sheep. They look for ways to turn us against each other, they look for ways to stir us up, to get us to mouth off, to tear down, to create trouble. They seek to devour us.

He then instructs us to watch out… cry “Wolf”, when needed.

Everyone that doesn’t act correctly, or speak correctly isn’t automatically a wolf. Most of the time they are just sheep that have been stirred up. But it is the result of a wolf that has stirred them up. He wants to split things up, to get sheep retreat and be alone.

A wolf eats one sheep at a time… and not around other sheep.

A wolf is not necessarily human. Demons often work, playing with people’s minds. Causing fear, discomfort… doubt. Stirring until they lash out. Stirring until those people have moved on to a different path… a path of destruction.

It could be the complaint by the friend that bothers you to much.

The scheduling issue that gets on your last nerve.

The way you feel about change that is happening in your business or organization.

The lack of compassion for your situation. “Those people should care more.”

Its when you are inclined to react destructively even when you think you are justified in doing so.

It is in these times… before we do something, say something we can’t take back, or do something we can’t undo… we pause and cry “Wolf”.

We Cry “Wolf” then change direction… turn from the destructive way telling the wolf to take a hike and get out… we will not be stirred up by you any more.

you will be glad you did.

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