It is good to be back home and honestly, great to be back at work. I missed being at Farmington Baptist yesterday and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

But until then… Here are a few things that will be happening in the next few weeks at FBC.

1. Summer Spectacular work night – Wednesday July 2oth beginning at 6:30pm. This will be our final one, our goal is to have all decorations finished and ready to be “put up”. I enjoy these evenings, it is great to see the church come together for fellowship and to serve.

2. Communion (in the Old church… i.e. the children’s worship center (CWC)), a quick business meeting and then a Homemade ICE CREAM SOCIAL! – Sunday Night July 24th Starting 5:30pm – looking forward to this.

3. Summer Spectacular – July 31st – August 3rd – 6:45pm- 8:30pm – If you have not registered your child you can do that at under events. That reminds me… I need to register my children… that may be a good idea, being the pastor and all.

4. August will be reboot Month for us (FBC)… more details on this to come. (Plans for the reboot will be discussed at the business meeting See # 2)

Alright… now to get “back” to it!

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