the last 12 minutes…

9:38pm – Honey Smacks in the bowl, they are good. A great way to end a busy but productive day.

9:39 – another bite, another line typed, ummm they are good.

9:40 – took two bites this time. The milk is intensifying the flavor of the Smacks.

9:41 – downed 4 bites. The texture of the milk is now different, influenced by the sugar and “honey” that has come off of the Smacks.

9:42 – took a little to much time with the eating and the description of 9:41

9:43 – each bite gets sweeter and I am now eating a lot faster than when this snack begun at 9:39

9:44 – stragglers… thats the only way to describe them…. they move around in the milk fleeing for their lives… but the spoon is mightier than the Smack. HA HA!

9:45 – chasing… still chasing

9:46 – only milk left… now I’m turning the bowl up to drink it.

9:47 – savoring the flavor… ahh life is good.

9:48 – thank you Lord for the small pleasures… like the bowl of Honey Smacks I just ate… and the milk that was oh so good.

9:49 – bowl in sink…

One thought on “the last 12 minutes…

  1. Wow, it only took you 8 minutes for you to finish your bowl of cereal!! Wish we could get Honey Smacks down here *SIGH* 🙂

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