A Few Closing Thoughts…

Some days it is hard to write.

Take today for instance, my schedule has been packed. From several meetings, phone calls, contacts for Summer Spectacular, time with the family to Studying for a message for July 3rd… the day has been slammed.

Here at 9:46pm the day is coming to a close… so in light of that here are some closing thoughts on the day.

1. No… I will probably not shoot the birds that wake me up each morning at 5:30am. In fact as tired as I am right now, I may sleep right through their 5:30 party tomorrow morning.

2. Did you know Jesus taught that if you destroy someone’s character to another person it is the same as breaking the 6th commandment? Just an passage I looked at today during sermon prep.

3. Aqua is well under way. You will receive more information concerning what Aqua is in the very near future. But for now just know it is a very creative outreach opportunity and I am excited about it. Please lift it up in your prayers if you don’t mind. we would like to see a few more churches become involved in putting it together.

4. Did you know that Glacier Surfing, Wingsuit Flying, Combine Demolition Derbies, Volcano Boarding and Train Surfing are hobbies people do in real life?

5. God is good, and it is up to Him. Its up to Him… we are called to trust, follow and do His will. The rest is up to Him… the rest is up to Him. So as this day comes to a close, and my eye lids come to a close. If He allows me to live another day, I will trust, follow and do His will and leave the rest up to Him.


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