Random Thursday

1 – I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night… it was good.

2 – Scotty won A.I. – didn’t watch it (see #1) I think this may be it for me and A.I.

3 – Oprah preached a message for her final show.

4- Have you noticed there are no longer any floppy disk companies?

5- Went to a conference about a week ago and Eric Bryant made a couple of challenging statements in his 15 minute speech and I want to share them with you here in a moment.

6 –

7 – Thank you to FBC's Awana workers for a great year!

8 – "Do you make changes in your church because of who has been there the longest or based on who is not there yet?" Eric Bryant

9- Pete Wilson has a great blog post today called “the offended”.

10 – I felt like God was telling me “Why would I let you speak to 1,000 people when you will not speak to the one person in front of you that has a need?” Eric Bryant

11 – Have you noticed the absence of floppy disk companies? Is that because they could not change with the times? Why couldn’t they switch over to CDs and external drives? Its still storage just in a different way. Storage that is packaged to meet the current needs? Why do we have so much trouble doing this with the gospel?

12 – “A lot of times I make decisions on how it will effect me… what would happen if we made decisions based on how it would impact others?” Eric Bryant

13 – Our Summer Spec Site is up.

14 – “Innovation has to be tied to reaching people. We shouldn’t just innovate for its benefit to us.” Eric Bryant

15- I can’t believe it is summer time… now I know it’d not officially summer until mid June but in my mind Memorial Day Weekend kicks off Summer.

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