Random Thursday

1. I have a birth certificate.  There are various things I have had to use it for.  It is in a secured location in my house.  At a moments notice I can go get it.  I also have a passport.

2.  Looking forward to Sunday….

3. My head is itching

4. We have my wife’s birth certificate in a protected location and can produce it with in 24 hours or less if we needed it.

5. I’m not a “birther”… just think its interesting.

6. I have a wedding this weekend…. looking forward to it.

7. “You’re going to miss this” is an eye opening song…. so true. And I do not like country!

8. My mom and dad have a copy of my birth certificate… and I am married and out of the house.

9. Looking over the sermon for Sunday.

10. The last random Thursday was very popular…

11. This is a “Love” sermon series summer?…. everyone seems to be doing a series on Love… I may have missed a memo.  Oh well… God has something else in-store for FBC, and I am looking forward to it!

12. I wonder if the ink has dried on the birth certificate?

13. There are flies in my office… they now have an appointed time to die.  I hope they had a prophet to declare their hours were numbered unless they repented.

14. Come to think of it Nicole and I had to present our birth certificates before they would give us our marriage license.

15. Those two flies.. their luck ran out.

16. So, if the birth certificate is a distraction from the real issues facing our country… why are we talking so much about it?

17. Listening to the Prince of Egypt Inspirational Album.

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