We Got Em!

Have you ever noticed that no one tries to take a pot shot at a loser.

For example – Apple – There is a headline today with the Apple Logo that says “This ones been a long time coming.”  They are saying FINALLY WE GOT EM!  But the article is rubbish, so they will have to try again.

Other  headlines…

Google Forgives Overstock – They are saying –  “We knew they were up to something… we got em, we spun the story and now they must forgive!”

Starbury and the 50 most overrated Stars in NBA History. They are saying – “not only are these people not who they were promoted as, they are also the worst ever.”

Bank Meltdown forces Eviction of Blameless Homeowner. – This one is the most ligament one in the bunch. A guy refinanced his house and the bank he refinanced with did not pay off his former mortgage company, so he faces eviction. Now that is bad, real bad. The title “Bank Meltdown” and the first line of the article “The grease fire that is the home mortgage business…” Says “Ha we told you those people who loaned you that money was bad, they were out to get you and take your homes.”  When in fact not all loan companies are bad and we the “debtor” are also responsible for getting into any loan, whether we can pay it or not.

We Got Em!

Often this game gets played in church.  Something happens and it gets blown out of proportion. People have been waiting and waiting for a “We Got Em!” moment.

I told you they were liberal! And you find out it has to do with musical instruments not theology.

I told you they were carnal! – And you find out the pastor in a moment of weakness said something he should not have said, has apologized and made it right.  But He is doomed from that point on.

They don’t care about women! – And you find out its not the church doesn’t care about women they just do not feel lead to have a certain type of women’s ministry.

That church doesn’t care about its members! And you find out the church loves its members, wants them to fulfill the great commission and make disciples, there are new people coming into the church as a result and things are changing.

The Bible says, we… the Children of God, have won the war.  That means we’re on top and now we have a enemy that is out to get us, and he will use any method or person he can…

We just need to make sure he doesn’t use us…

and that takes prayer.

BTW – The Apple commercials, as funny as they are are based on the We Got Em! Principle.

BTW – there is nothing going on that prompted this posting…. so rest, be at ease. I was just reading through some headlines and had these thoughts…. nothing more.

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