I Love Winter

I love Winter, I have no reason to hate it. I think each season is great. If it was Spring right now I would love it. If it was Summer I would love it, and if the leaves were turning I would love being apart of that as well.

Winter is no different.

We hear voices all the time saying, I hate snow, I hate the cold, I wish spring was here.

Why not be content with the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it?

Maybe God didn’t mean rejoice in the Winter season. Maybe the real translation is the Lord makes the days in only 3 seasons of the year (Spring, Summer and Fall) and those are the ones you rejoice in. Satan has the rest, and his days are called Winter. (Maybe we should move Halloween to Winter and Christmas to the Fall!)

Now of course I am being sarcastic with the last paragraph. The point is just rejoice in the day God has given you whether it is cold, snowing or blistering hot. There is so much more in this life that we have to deal with. Snow is really no problem.

So here is a list of reason why I Love Winter.

1. God made it, even the snow flakes came from His creative hand. (and each one of those is unique)

2. I think people look better with clothes on. Some people look better in the winter time because of this. I am one of those.

3. Hot chocolate tastes better in the Winter, and so does soup.

4. My birthday as well as my children’s birthdays are in the winter. We also celebrate Jesus’ birthday in the winter. And frankly some of the Christmas songs just would not work if it was celebrated in another season. (Furthermore Frosty would be no more.)

5. Snow slows us down, and we need that rhythm in our lives at times.

6. Kids love the snow. Sledding, snowball fights and snow angels are at the top of their snow activities. It is cool to see them play in it. When it does snow the trees and landscape is beautiful. The snow reminds me of purity (until of course it gets dirty)

7. Winter reminds me there is a resurrection on the way, a resurrection of all living things.

8. God has given me another day to live and be with my family.

Other reasons? Basketball, skiing, snowboarding, the winter olympics, building snowmen, gathering around a fire place, its a season to plan for the future, its darker outside so it is easier to sleep longer and relax on the days we can, and there are less tractors on the road on the way to work.

Winter is awesome, I am glad to be apart of it.

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