Church Growth

Make no mistake, Farmington Baptist Church is growing. Why? Because of the providence of God. He is sending people our way and we are thankful for that. If it wasn’t for the providence of God a church would not grow. You can have the best strategies, the best pastoral staff, the best leadership and still be stuck in the mud.

It really all depends on Him.

Now, He will show up when people pray for His kingdom to grow and His will to be done in the church. Its not our kingdom, our traditions, our way of doing things. Instead when we pray that prayer, we are looking for Him to show us what to do. And for most of us, it is not the same as what we have done in the past. The question is, are we willing to follow even when the change makes us feel uncomfortable?

Point 2 – Numerical growth is not an automatic indecator that God is the one behind the growth of a church. Churches can, have and do grow without God’s help. But when a church’s goal is for people to experience God in new ways, grow in their faith and reach out to the commuity in order to show them the love of Christ, (looking to Him to lead the way) chances are their growth is God given.

Question –

Are you apart of a fellowship, a church, that is made up of a group of believers that really desire God’s kingdom to grow and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven?

If so, you are in the right place.

Over the next few days I will be posting thoughts based off a book I am starting to read called…

“10 Stupid Reasons Why Churches do not Grow.”

My prayer is this book will help us be a better steward of the people God has sent our way and that God would give us wisdom as we go forward in the days ahead.

Please keep in mind as you read the post, that if God is not involved a church does not work. Therefore as we discuss these things, do not take it as a man made system or formula for church growth. Just know we reconcgnize the sovereignty of God in our personal and corporate lives.

He chooses who to bless and how that looks.

Also, if you get a chance to pick the book up, do so. But regardless, comment on that day’s post and lets grow together.

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