10 Stupid Things – Part 1

I just finished reading the introduction of “10 Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing”. Here are some thoughts on the intro…

1. Most pastors I know (as well), want their churches to see people accept Christ, and grow in the knowledge of the word. When this isn’t happening we pray, go to conferences, read books and try to find out things we can do to change the downward trend.

2. As hard as it is to swallow, if a church isn’t growing the pastor maybe doing something stupid. He is not saying that the pastor is stupid, just we often do stupid things, not relizing that we are not helping the church but thinking that we are (while doing the stupid thing).

Everything rises and falls on Leadership…

We know how church works. We are trained either by schooling or experience or both. There are things we do that the adverage member will never know about. We can spot when an idea will not work or if it will, pretty easily when it comes from another person in the church. But when it is our idea, we are so close to it and so excited about it, we may not see the pitfalls of that approach. We need a friend to point it out. Someone we trust and know they are not just against something to get their way. (Those types are easy to spot)

After all, our desire is to see good things happen at the church. No one pursues failure on purpose.

(More to come….)

Any thoughts?

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