Confessions and Reflections of a Pastor

I really enjoyed yesterday, there is no doubt about it. However as I reflect this morning about it… here are a few confessions and reflections.

Yes, I am shy. (See the message from yesterday “Just Stick With it”) I have trouble talking one on one with people, visiting people, shaking people’s hands, etc… but I know I need to. So I discipline myself to step out and get to know people. This is not because it is my job to do so. It is because proverbs teaches us, to get through this life you must have friends. The person who lives alone is a fool. Now don’t take this wrong…. I love people and care for people deeply. It is just expressing that one on one is difficult for me. But with diligence and discipline I will work through my tendency to back away from one on one encounters and continue to meet, greet and talk to people… Its important!

Yes, yesterday’s message was 54 minutes long. I aim for 30 minutes, for each message but for some reason time flew yesterday while I was preaching. I had thought before hand that “it was going to be a short one” about 20 to 25 minutes. Boy… was I wrong.

Sorry about all the I(s)… its hard to use we and you in a post called confessions and reflections of a pastor.

My children repeated the points of both of the sermons that I preached yesterday (I also preached at Greater Mount Mariah Missionary Baptist Church in the afternoon) back to me at lunch and last night. That was awesome. There was one point in “Just Stick with it” that wasn’t clear to them and that was a learning moment. (They were not clear on the rock badgers, conies, shephanim, in proverbs 30:26)

The people at Farmington Baptist Church are awesome. I look forward to being at church and seeing everyone each Sunday. God is at work in that place!

I love Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are so gracious to me. Really, He should not use me in ministry. If you would look at my life, and the times I have fallen and have struggled, there is no merit or worth in me. I do not deserve to be a pastor, but He gives mercy , and never demotes me from the title He bought for me…

“Child of God”…

and that is Grace.

One thought on “Confessions and Reflections of a Pastor

  1. Very, very well said, Phil! You are a blessing to so many…. and in return you are loved by many. Thanks for being faithful.

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