Science Project

Yep, my daughter and I are doing a science project together. She is doing the work, I am just helping. Now the “normal science projects”… the Brande’s… well we can’t seem to do those for some reason.

So…. what does my Daughter want to do for her science fair project?

She wants to test the effectiveness of a bilge keel, both in length and design.

Yep you heard it right, a bilge keel.

Now if you were like me, I had to google it to see what in the world she was talking about.

Currently we have made a boat out of a Pepsi bottle and glued marbles in the bottom of it so it will have weight when we place it in the water. We also placed a dowel rod in the middle of the boat (that is glued to the marbles) that will enable us to “rock the boat” during our experiments.

We haven’t made any Bilge Keels yet, but that is our next step… I think.

What ever happened to seeing how far an egg would drop with out cracking? Or what do you have to do to make an egg float in water? Or testing a parachute? Or planting seeds and testing fertilizer to see which was the best and determining why?

But a Bilge Keel?

I now know why my wife said… “Aurora I think it would be good for you and your dad to work on this science project together.”

Needles to say I am proud of Aurora….

… she’s so much smarter than her mother. 🙂

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