Just shake their hand.

Do you ever hear people talking about their church and they make a statement like:

“No one ever shakes my hand at church.”

Here is what they are saying…. my church is not friendly, I do not feel like people like me or want me there anymore.

Now we all want our churches to be friendly and everyones hand to be shaked ( this isn’t a word by the way) . We want people to feel welcomed.

but what if everyone just stood around in the room waiting for someone to approach them to shake their hand? Everyone wanted someone else to approach them before they felt welcomed?

Well… no ones hand would be shook… and everyone would feel unwelcomed (this isn’t a word either).

When this is said, the first thing that comes to my mind is…. whose hand did you shake on Sunday? Who did you approach to extend a gesture of welcome to?

Maybe… no one ever shakes your hand because you never shake anyone else’s.

Don’t let the devil continue to lead you to think this way… instead this Sunday when you go to your church, just walk up to someone and shake their hand and don’t worry about anything else.

A shout out of thanks to “someone”, who was gracious and teachable and allowed me to post this today.

One thought on “Just shake their hand.

  1. Phillip, this makes me laugh, when Scott and I first started attending Farmington we sooooooo dreaded this part…. LOL!! It still feels a little forced sometimes, but gets easier each week as we get to know more people… I don’t know that I will ever roam like some, but it just struck me funny. I can see Scott and I now and the faces we have made when it is time to shake hands! Too funny!!

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