Looking for a Pastor

If your church finds itself this Christmas Holiday season looking for a pastor, here is a question you must answer. Do you want a leader or do you want a manager? Here is the difference between the two.

The manager will not change anything, he will keep things as they are. In fact if something does change it is because someone in the congregation has made the change happen. He will just manage the change.

The leader will change things, your environment, the way you do things, what your church does, and what it looks and feels like. If you vote on a leader as your pastor in no less than 3 years your church will be radically different then when he arrived.

Both the manager and the leader will lose people. You must understand this. The manger is going to lose people because of a lack of vision, and the sense that he is not leading the church toward something. You will keep most of your original group with this type of leader. The newer people are the ones that will not hang around long.

The leader will lose people because of vision. As he leads the church in a direction, the membership will either stand up against those changes or leave. If they stand up against the changes the pastor generally leaves and the newer people will go next. Then the church will hire a manager as their pastor. However, if the church does not stand up against the changes the newer people will stay and the turn over will be seen in the the membership that had been there before the pastor. Either way there are loses.

The pastor that is a manager and the pastor that is a leader has something in common. They do not desire to lose anyone. It is not their intent, it just happens because people are people.

There are more too these statements, but the question that needs answering now is… why did you write on this subject today?

1. – I am not leaving Farmington Baptist Church nor am I looking to pastor another church. I asked God before he called me to FBC to place me in a church I would be in the rest of my life. As far as I am concerned He has done that.

2. – This was on my mind this afternoon as I sat down to write. Not sure why, haven’t really spoken with anyone about this subject, it was just on my mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

So there you go….

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