Sometimes I come up with plans of how to accomplish a vision.  Plans that in my mind will work great. Plans that I get attached too. Maybe I attach myself to these plans because that gives me a level of security or maybe I attach myself to these plans because I do not like living […]

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Take the Hit

As a leader sometimes you have to “take the hit” for the well being of the group you are leading. There is a tension in leadership between being liked and making hard choices that have the potential of upsetting people.  Choices of… 1. Direction – even though you talk and talk there are some who […]

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The #1 Leadership Distraction

The question isn’t what will happen if something goes wrong. The analysis isn’t everything is bad and nothing will ever go right. The attitude toward others should NOT be, I don’t like them therefore they will never be able to do anything right. The objective should NOT be, I’ll just wait till they do something […]

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Relocation 3.2

I’ve been thinking about the post Relocation – 3. Here are some additional thoughts… So… your spouse does something wrong and you feel yourself getting upset with them. Take a moment to stop the rush of “anger”, a moment to stop the rush of “frustration” and ask… If I was the one that had made […]

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