The Cutting Board – BC-2

Where do I start? There is so much that had to be cut from this week’s sermon… so much.

For instance – Jesus being circumcised on the 8th day and presented to the Lord at the temple when He was 41 days old shows He was born into this world under the law. By the end of Luke we see He was the only one that fulfilled the law. Oh there is so much we could talk about with that truth….

How about the sacrifice that was given for Mary, it included a dove which was used as a sin offering for her sins. This process of purification shows us the Mother of God’s son needed the forgiveness and redemption her son brought, just like everyone else.

Next cut – Simeon and Anna – both lead by the spirit and they followed.

Next cut – Simeon – is said to be righteous, devoted or dedicated to God and His work. He is also looking for the Messiah to come and follows the Holy Spirit. Can this be said about you? This one is a whole sermon and it was painful to cut it out of the sermon for Sunday.

Next cut – Salvation and redemption is for everyone including the gentiles who have been in darkness up to this point. The light of salvation is now extended to them. the notes looked something like this: Salvation is for all races Jews and Gentiles. In fact the awesome part about this is the gentiles will now have light in their darkness, a light they did not have before. (John 1:4-5,9; 8:12; 9:5; 12:46) In the place of darkness, which is the symbol of ignorance, sin and misery, this redemption will bring nations light. Light is the symbol of growth, knowledge and happiness. Before Jesus was born, you and I because we were gentiles would have been in darkness. His birth is significant! This one is a whole sermon… and the pain continues… cut cut cut.

Next cut – Because Jesus is here, the thoughts of many will be revealed. A clear division will be seen between those that love Him and those that don’t. If your thoughts were known which side would you really be on?

Ok… there was more… but I am looking forward to what God left on the table for tomorrow’s message…

Until then….

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