Ban it Now!

Yep, just finished my weekly read of the Davie County Enterprise. In the opinion section this week (and last) there were articles people had sent in desiring to have a ban placed on the burning of leaves. They say it is bad for your health and there should be a law against it.

The people that burn leaves responded with comments like, “Don’t like the smoke? Get a condominium.” and “If they don’t like the smoke go live in the city”

Both sides make me chuckle. However it does bring up a point.

We want the things we don’t like banned, and the stuff we like to do we want the freedom to do those things. In fact when someone wants to ban something we like to do we get up set that they are taking away our freedom, but when we want something banned that we do not like we don’t care if it infringes on someone else’s freedom. Our attitude is “We don’t like it, it is hindering our lifestyle so it needs to stop.” or “How dare they tell us we can’t do that activity!”

Because after all, we are king… right? And should not have to put up with other people and their inconvenient ways… but they should be made to put up with ours.

There are things in life you just have to put up with. There are a lot of people in this world and they do not do things like you and I would like them to and guess what… we don’t do things the way other people would like them done. It is just the way it is.

Now there is right and wrong… the burning of leaves is neither right nor wrong. It just creates healthy tension, it is a reminder there are other people in the world besides us. People created in a unique sort of way.

The only actions that need a law are those that are wrong, like murder, stealing, etc… Laws based on preference… i.e. a ban on the burning of leaves, is just not law worthy.

But that is my opinion… my preference 🙂

Ok… I need to land this some how, because really this post is just me writing to write…. maybe I should have banned myself from even posting today.

One thought on “Ban it Now!

  1. Phillip —

    Your post reminds me of this John Wooden quote: “Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.”

    It’s a significant statement.

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