What is The Hardest DIY you’ve ever done? Parenting



When you have your first child there is no handbook that comes with them. No instruction manual, nothing.

When you have your second child you think you can draw off the lessons that you had learned from being a parent to the first child. But no, you can’t. Because the new child you are holding in your hands is remarkably different than the first and requires a different set of parenting skills.

Yes, I know there are books and many people on Youtube with their opinions on how to raise children. Some of these are good reference points, and give us ways we can go about solving issues. But those only go so far, you still have to adjust and learn everyday, because every child is different. And where as there are structures you can put into place that are helpful in parenting, and you should have a structure, that only helps to a point. The rest is a learning process and every time the child matures there is a learning curve you go through again to parent effectively.

Not to mention, feeding them, making sure they get to their various activities and then figuring out how to keep them on the right path in their middle school, high school and college years. Add to that health concerns and safety and you find out quickly you have a difficult but rewarding task to accomplish.

There is a lot at stake and the way you parent will set them up for success in life or struggle.

Outside of keeping your marriage healthy, it is the greatest task we as humans are given to do.

It is also the most important one as well.

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