Ramblings 101

Well I did it….

Had to…

placed into a corner by my wife.

I had to buy…

yes purchase…

Christmas Music before thanksgiving had arrived.


Because she needed a playlist to work on the order of the Christmas worship service.

But in doing it I found two new Christmas albums that have now been added to the Christmas Music Playlist.

But I haven’t really listened to a full song on any of the stuff I bought…

so at least I am staying true to my convictions. 🙂

But isn’t that how sin squeezes into our lives?

It says ” its ok for this moment for this one time”

and we fall for the temptation…

and remember it is a sin even if we just participate in it for a moment.

Now let me be clear listening to Christmas Music before Thanksgiving isn’t a sin.

but when I was buying the songs for her it just felt wrong.

and when it comes to temptation

though the temping doesn’t always feel wrong

when we fall into it and it does

the best thing to do is stop and run the moment it doesn’t feel right.

Because it is always better to stop yourself in the act of a sin than it is to completely fulfill its desires.

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