ThanksGiving Music

Each year on November the 1st our family starts what we call Thanksgiving Music. And with the exception of working on the Christmas Worship Service for Church, and the fact that my children now are grown and do their own thing, we still listen to our Thanksgiving Playlist.

I listen to it exclusively. Until the day after Thanksgiving.

If you come to my house, that is what will be playing.

If you stop by the church, that is what will be playing in my office.

The music creates an environment of gratitude and stirs thankfulness in your heart and soul. (Ok that was a bit sappy but seriously – it does keep your mind on the reason for the season… Thankfulness.)

Here are the songs we added to the playlist this year.

Today – JJ Heller
Coming Home – JJ Heller
Thank God for Sunday Mornings – Cochran & Co.
Gratitude – Brandon Lake
Thank You – Brandon Lake
Every Day I’m Blessed – Crowder
I’m So Blessed – Cain (FT – Arron Cole)

This last one I just found while getting theYoutube links for this post.

That said here is the complete list as a iTunes link and as a list. So enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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