New October Music for 2021

So here we are – tomorrow begins a music season of my own making. I call it…

October Music

For years now…

A lot of years

When October rolls around that begins a special playlist of songs I play in (of course) October. In fact that is the only music I play for the entire month. Because I love it so much we actually start on September 30th which is now referred to as “October Eve”.

This list of music has developed over the years, and each year I try to add some new ones to the mix and this year didn’t disappoint…

Here are the songs that are being added to list this year.

  1. Devil By Anne Williams

2. Don’t Tread on Me by We the Kingdom

3. Stand My Ground – Zach Williams

4. My Ghost – We Are Messengers

5. Come Alive (Dry Bones) By Lauren Daigle

6. Dead Man Walking By Jeremy Camp

So those are the new ones – I’ll post the other songs that are on the October list tomorrow.

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