Pastoral Prayers

Something goes wrong….

Really wrong…

and one of the first calls, text or emails is to their Pastor requesting prayer and deliverance from whatever is going wrong in their life.

There is nothing wrong with this…

nothing at all.

But how many people in the church pray for their Pastor on a daily basis?

I’m not sure… though I am sure that there are several people in the church I pastor that pray for me on a regular basis. In fact I know of a few of them.

I cannot express in this short blog all the reasons it is critical for you to pray for your Pastor but what I can say is that you need to for more reasons than you can even think of…

and I’m sure you can think of reasons.

In my devotions yesterday (it seems this is where my blog currently are coming from) the scripture gives instructions on what to pray for your Pastor(s). The main reason you should pray is because no-one can work effectively for Christ unaided and unsupported by prayer.

“Pray for us, for we are sure we have a clear conscience, desiring to act honorably in all things.” Hebrews 13:18

If you are wondering what to pray, the verse above is a great place to start. Pray that he will do what is right so he has a clear conscience before the Lord. A clear conscience that enables him to counsel people with clarity, that empowers him to develop sermons that you will listen to that will be clearly presented because his conscience isn’t muddied up with his wrong doings.

Pray that your Pastor is able to act/react honorably in any given situation so he does not embarrass the office that was given to him by God. So that he has a good reputation in the community. So he treats his family well and is well thought of by not only people around him but the family he lives with.

A Pastor does more than just declare truth on Sunday mornings, as essential as that part of his “job” is, he also connects with many people, and carries not just his own burdens but the burdens of the people in his congregation at a deeper level than what most people carry with their own friends.

Pray for him…

and then when you don’t feel like it…

pray again.

He needs it.

Just a few final thoughts that do not flow with the rest of this post…

First – It seems that there are people who are quick to criticize him but not as quick to pray for him. I think this is a travesty.

Second – We should be quick to pray for him, and once we start doing that we will find we will criticize him less.

He needs it…

he needs it.

(Again there is nothing bad going on in my life, things are good. These are just thoughts I had from my devotions this week)

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